IP67 Plastik Panolar

Hinged Plastic Enclosures are designed for indoor and outdoor electrical applications. IP-67 protection class guarantees durability and waterproofing for outdoor use. The hinged design enables easy usage of electrical components inside the enclosure. The material of the Hinged IP-67 Enclosures is ABS, which is a rigid material and has durability in a temperature range between -30°C and +50°C. With the standard light gray color, it also has the clear cover option with PC (Polycarbonate) material. The mounting plate inside provides an opportunity for easy mounting of the components. It is also possible to mount the enclosure to the wall with plastic & aluminum mounting ears or to the pole with the pole mounting bracket.

Stainless Cover Latch

Ventilation Accessory

Ensures proper airflow to component enclosed

Galvanized Sheet Mounting Plate

Easy installation & added durability

Ears for Padlock

Provides added security

For easy monitoring of electronic inside

Outdoor Resistant White ASA Option

Pole Mounting Kit

For easy installation on poles

Aluminum Mounting Ears

Plastic Mounting Ears

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